The Hutch


The Hutch is the name of my small one bedroom apartment in The Canyon, a small neighborhood close to Los Angeles built into the feet of the San Gabriel Mountains.


In recent years, the drought has forced wildlife downhill, often into neighborhoods in the foothills. The bears love the avocado trees in the neighborhood, but they knock over our trash once a week.


The Hutch our home, a beautiful cabin (now two units) built in the 1940s that sits at the end of a canyon road, across a small covered bridge that spans the Little Santa Anita wash.


The Canyon is a unique neighborhood with a long and fascinating history.


It used to be a favorite escape for city dwellers looking for a relaxing hike and splash in the creek during LA’s Great Hiking Period.


They say Michael Blake wrote Dances with Wolves here. They say this was the Haight of Los Angeles. They say Hendrix once played in the Canyon.


Today it is a quite oasis. California Sycamore and Canyon Live Oaks provide shade to this neighborhood of narrow winding streets lined with walls of river rock.


It is populated with retired hippies and young bohemian families who hold the lifestyle the canyon provides in highest regard.



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