What are Good Spots?

Good spots are the hidden, maybe even secret places you like to spend time. It’s the place you go with friends on a sunny weekend. It’s the little restaurant you bring your family when they visit from out of town. It’s the unknown campsite you return to every year. It’s the corner cafe with big windows where you like to watch the rain. It’s the small neighborhood bar with the great beer selection. It could be a good place to grab a bite to eat off the beaten path, or a swimming hole to spend a hot day, or a quiet bookstore to find hidden treasures, or a sunny cove to spread a blanket. Everyone knows of at least one good spot, and if you want to keep it a secret for yourself, no one would blame you, but here you’ll find some of those secret places and hopefully you’ll find yourself there soon.

Check out some spots!
Search by State: OregonTexas

6 thoughts on “What are Good Spots?

    • Thank you! Me too actually. I’m currently sojourning in Texas so these pictures bring me back until I can actually return to the great state.

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate it very much. Your blog is interesting and creative! I look forward to following your posts. :-D

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